Vale was founded during the Westward Expansion following the Civil War. It prospered as a trade route thanks to the vast river that once flowed through the town.After the water dried up generations ago, so did prosperity. Since then criminals, social outcasts, and political refugees have come to call the place home. The towns current population is over 2500. Roads and rail lines connect the town to the Prairie and the Rocky Mountains.

It is a spartian town with few amenities. It only just received electricity twenty years ago thanks to a large scale initiative to power the whole nation. Water is pumped from a well in the center of town. Both utilities are owned by a Mr. Prestor Rainer through his company Halcyon LLC. The electricity that comes over the mountains is cheap for the town’s distance from the nearest relay station, but water is sold at a premium making bathing, washing, and other water dependent luxuries rare.

Travelers don’t normally stay the night but a large hotel from Vale’s past has been kept up, poorly, by local residents. Other visitor friendly amenities include the Jodun Ferry, a restaurant made from an old ferry boat, Mikhail’s Auto, a small garage that has various autos for sale and offers repair services, and Halcyon Communications, a cafe run by the Halcyon corp that possesses the only telephone in town.

Most people that have been through Vale have made it a point to go around it afterwards. One of the main complaints has been the lack of adequate bathing facilities.


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