Albert Hoffman

Wealthy industrialist and father of William and Susan Hoffman.


Hoffman was a man of plain taste and great refinement. At parties his well cut suits and gently waxed mustache managed to blend in to the high style crowd while giving him an air of quiet dignity that others lacked. It could be said that his plan style was a result of his astonishing height, well over six feet. A handsome man by all means, even in his late years, has acquired much attention from the ladies with his his square jaw, high brow, and olive skin.


A hard man, known for his reputable business dealings, has been brought low by a terrible tragedy. Since the murder of his daughter in Vale, he has not left his house. All communication with him is done through his servants. His company, Hoffman Drills, has suffered because of this.

He is a widower. Jaynce, his former wife, died giving birth to Susan and her brother William in 1890. Aside from his son, he has no other living relatives.

No one has seen him in person, aside from his man servant Cubric, in two years. It is rumored that the old man went insane after his daughter died and Cubric has taken over his fortune.

He lives in his San Francisco mansion.

Albert Hoffman

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