Susan Hoffman

dead daughter


Susan Hoffman moved to Vale three years prior to her murder. Before that she lived in the City of Walls found west of the Rocky Mountains. There she spent her time in the entourage of an old mystic, Weyland Jones. She followed him everywhere and sought to please him in every way. She lost interest in all of her old fiends and acquaintances. She even cut off ties with hr family. Public interest spiked when a imagur captured a scene of Weyland walking her out of a known abortion clinic. Shortly after that her father tried to bring her back into the family fold. Much to his surprise she came willingly. However, it wasn’t long until she disappeared again.

Her brother William found her living in Vale one year ago. After confronting her she refused to leave her new life. Her father did not pursue her this time and left her to her own devices. No one has heard from or seen her since then outside of Vale.

She was found dead in her house on the fifth of May, 1923. The scene was a mess and outside investigators had been brought in. No one has been implicated in her death and the investigation has been postponed indefinitely. Those who were working on the case have either fled the province, died, or gone mad.

Susan Hoffman

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